Post Operation

SPMM's port operation consists of loading and unloading liquid cargo, bulk cargo and general cargo.

The transfer of liquid cargo is carried out through pipes and hoses, to or from the ship to the storage tanks located within Sociedad Portuaria Michellmar SA, and the complementary activities required such as cargo sampling, inspection, connection and disconnection of hoses, blowing of lines and all the activities inherent to a maritime terminal specialized in the loading and unloading of liquid bulk.

The handling of the liquid cargo is done with the corresponding equipment and the appropriate security measures for the handling of the products according to the technical data sheet of each one of them and carried out by the authorized port operator, always adjusting to the regulations. comprehensive security.

The handling of solid bulks is carried out by means of the port operator's equipment, proceeding to place the product in dump trucks from the storage yard, next to the ship, to be taken by the spoon, which deposits it in the ship's hold designated by the official. operations officer and the ship's first officer.

The handling of general cargo is carried out by the port operator, proceeding to place the products in forklifts from the storage yard, to the side of the ship, to be taken by the ship's crane, which will deposit it in the warehouse designated for that purpose.

The proximity of the storage areas to the docking / undocking docks for ships, facilitates cargo handling and operating times are shorter, allowing us to handle competitive loading / unloading rates and operations are carried out in an efficient and efficient manner. effective, resulting in the satisfaction of our customers.

Terminal that allows to receive ships of up to 210 meters in length with a beam of 35 meters.

Post Operation